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Footballers Direct: Will Rising Ticket Prices Stop You From Attending matches?

In light of today’s protests, Footballers Direct writers are wondering how changing ticket prices are going to impact on match attendance. Will fans always find a way to watch their heroes play at stadiums, or have things been taken too far this time? Continue reading

Footballers Direct - The Very Latest From Mourinho

Footballers Direct: Mourinho’s 1st Press Conference As Re-Appointed Chelsea Manager

As Footballers Direct writers publish this article José Mourinho is still addressing the media for the first time after his return to Chelsea. If you were unable to catch the conference we can confirm the usual positive attitude was apparent…
Continue reading

Footballers Direct: Cristiano Ronaldo “Thinks He Knows Everything” Says Mourinho

Footballers Direct

Writers at Footballers Direct have just heard that Mourinho has publicly criticised Ronaldo’s attitude on a Spanish TV show… Continue reading